Apoena. Andre. Russi. Joe. RANN came together as a conscious effort of three Brazilians and one American to start a collaborative music endeavor. The members all met in Boston while attending Berklee College of Music, but it wasn't until they all moved to Brooklyn that they decided to write music together.


Lead singer and bass player Apoena Frota had released songs independently before and was looking to work on a new record. Guitarist Andre Vasconcelos, drummer Joe Ulmer and keyboard player Joao Nogueira, who were long time collaborators in Apoena’s previous productions came along and this time the singer brought in old friend and guitarist Rafael Russi as well. Together, in the winter of 2014 the band isolated themselves into a cabin in upstate NY and wrote and pre-produced 12 songs, 9 of which became part of the band’s first record “Yellowgun”. 


“We all became part of the creative process in such a way that it made no sense to call this my own solo record. The moment we all realized that was when RANN came to be” (Apoena)


The album was recorded at IIWII studios in Weehawken, NJ by engineer Billy Perez, mixed by Fernando Lodeiro and mastered by Oscar Zambrano with artwork by guitarist Rafael Russi. “Yellowgun” came out in November of 2015 self-released online and in CD. 


"For young bands, there are no greater elements essential to success than having great songs and a great live show. The rest is just static. 

For Brooklyn-based psychedelic-leaning pop-rock band RANN, combining the two is a no-brainer." (Vanyaland-Boston Magazine)


"They’re the latest Brooklyn based band to carve out a niche for themselves in that idiosyncratic indie scene—a five-man ensemble forged from an elusive winter’s night “locking themselves in an isolated cabin” and reemerging with their own collage-genre of rock, dream pop, and punk. Yes, Rann dove into those well-visited depths of trippy psychedelia and in-your-face, garage-band angst, but managed to pull it off without merely repackaging the greats (and kudos to them for that). As for where they fall on the spectrum, think Phoenix with a touch more grit, or The Strokes draped in synth." (Thrd coast)

"With their refineded sound, stylish melodies and smooth vocals, RANN could be presented as the Prefab Sprout of Brooklyn. Their brand new debut album "Yellowgun" looks back at the so called sophisti-pop of the '80s, while adding to that sound an all NYC edge. The group doesn't shy away from occasional, more aggressive and tense moments (like in 'Magic Number')." (The Deli Magazine)

One of the bands first single “Cellophane” was featured in the Brazilian production “Entrando Numa Roubada”. 

The band went on its first national tour in support of “Yellowgun” in early 2015 with shows at SXSW, an exclusive session for Red Bull Music Academy in LA and a home coming show at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC.


After the tour keyboard player João Nogueira left the band to focus on his group Stone Giant. Later that same year, the band went on tour once again, this time aiming to take 3 weeks off mid tour to write their new album.


Taco Bell and Pandora’s Feed The Beat featured the band during this second tour that ended at a nearly sold out Rough Trade in NYC. CMJ college radio charts posted “Yellowgun” at #146 during the same tour, making it the highest charting independent band of that week and Spotify Brazil’s Song of the Week playlist featured “Darkest Eyes”. 


During the second tour the band once again went into isolation this time in the Yosemite Park in CA and wrote another batch of songs. After the tour the band went back into the studio, produced and recorded four songs that signified a new step for the bands music.


“A lot of inspiration for this EP came from the obvious natural beauty of the park and all the

traveling we did, however this record feels like home to us. These four songs have a strong

connection to our life style in Brooklyn and represent a side of our art that allows us to be light

hearted and borderline silly while delivering a strong message.

Oh, and yes, we’re beside ourselves and stoked with the way it sounds” (Russi)


All four songs were mixed by 7 time Grammy Award winning engineer Michael Brauer. Most of everything else in this record was produced, written, manufactured and idealized by RANN. The first single 'Copycat' is now out and the full EP comes out in 2018 via Fresh Linens/Sleep Well Records.

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